Pop Secret Has Revealed That Their Secret Is “Popcorn,” Who New?

Pop Secret Pop Corn
Pop Secret Pop Corn

We learned new information about a beloved American snack brand today.
Pop Secret has revealed their secret is popcorn. While the revelation doesn’t really change anything for just about all of us, we can’t act like it doesn’t have a certain logic to it:

Okay, yeah. “Popcorn” definitely tracks for that.

Earlier this morning, Pop Secret sent out a press release explaining that the secret of Pop Secret—a mystery we’ve never wondered about or really even knew existed—is in fact popcorn, the type of food Pop Secret makes. Not knowing this has never stopped us from enjoying their product in the past, but it also doesn’t really modify any part of our experience now that they’ve told us about it either. Our feelings about Pop Secret are generally more informed by things like taste and price, which we’ve always considered “pretty good” and “reasonable” respectively, so this news about the secret being popcorn is at most a “Oh, okay” kind of revelation in our eyes, if that.

“We’ve decided that today is the day to finally reveal our secret, so here it is: the secret of Pop Secret is none other than delicious, buttery popcorn,” said the company in their press release, explaining that popcorn has consistently been the secret all the way back to the brand’s launch in 1986. “It’s time you knew that the secret is popcorn for all Pop Secret products, including our Jumbo Popping Corn kernel jars, and even when we call a product Kettle Corn, the secret is still popcorn then too. We have held this secret closely for many years, but we’re excited now to finally share it with the world. Thank you.”

The press release also highlighted a handful of “clues” to the secret that were supposedly “hiding in plain sight,” like the pieces of popcorn pictured on the packaging and the mention of “Whole Grain Popcorn” on the ingredients list, apparently under the impression that consumers were eager to crack the code and learn the forbidden knowledge—knowledge that we now know is “popcorn is what makes popcorn taste like popcorn.” Even if the information doesn’t particularly do much for us, it seems like the company has really relished enlightening the world to The Truth Of The Corn, so good for them, and good for anyone who guessed that the secret was popcorn all along. Not that it was a hard thing to guess.

Like, honestly, what else could it have been? Pretty flimsy mystery, if you ask us. 

Well, looks like Pop Secret’s thinking here pretty much checks out. We’ll see if knowing that the secret is popcorn changes anything the next time we make ourselves a bag, though to tell you the truth, we’ll probably forget this whole thing ever happened within a couple of hours.


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