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This Guy Is Not Embarrassed To Buy Tampons For His Girlfriend, Or Any Other Female. He Is A Strong Feminist Man:

Menstruation can be a sensitive topic, but real, strong men aren’t afraid to face it head on, which is why we are so impressed with the story of this awesome feminist ally: This guy is not embarrassed to buy tampons for his girlfriend, his aunt, his neighbors, his state senator, or any of his favorite actresses.

Yes! This is what a good man looks like!

Ben Lomond of Shaker Heights, Ohio may be a dude, but he certainly isn’t afraid of the feminine hygiene aisle in the drugstore. To the contrary, Ben personally spends upwards of $900 a month buying tampons for every female acquaintance he can think of, from his girlfriend Sarah on up to his district’s representative in the Ohio legislature. Rather than bashfully burying a single box of Tampax under the rest of his purchases and hightailing it to self-checkout, Ben fills an entire cart with feminine products of various styles and absorbencies, then approaches the CVS cashier to let them know that he’s printed 15 different tampon coupons and would also like help transporting his purchases to his car. And when he’s done, Ben has no qualms showing up to the UPS store and asking them to address one of their largest shipping boxes to Mila Kunis’ and Anna Gunn’s addresses in Los Angeles, proudly announcing that it’s “that time of the month” for two of his favorite Hollywood stars.

It’s actually sad to think that there are still guys out there who wouldn’t be caught dead buying some pantyliners for their wives or girlfriends, especially compared to the high bar Ben has set. It’s clear he feels zero shame when he empties six boxes of super-plus tampons into a birdbath he put in the center of his cul-de-sac with the sign “Ben’s Free Tampon Pickup,” because he totally understands that guys who really care about the women in their communities don’t ignore their menstrual health. Ben will hand a loose overnight pad to his mail carrier or tip his bartender with a single Tampax Sport without thinking twice, because that’s just the kind of feminist he is. We’d love to see more men start conversations about their favorite way to determine whether a woman they’ve just met prefers plastic or cardboard applicators the way Ben does. He is seriously killing it.

Yep, Ben Lomond is pretty much our feminist idol right now. He is tackling menstrual health in a way most other men are scared to, and we think that’s proof positive he’s a strong male role model for the ages. Keep buying tampons, Ben! You rock!


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