Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Kumbaya || #Stay Home & Dance With Us

Masaka Kids Afrikana
Masaka Kids Afrikana

At present, Masaka Kids Africana’s Instagram profile exceeds 400 thousand followers, did you know? Yes, you read that right, a lot of people follow them because of the content they generate. There are even videos that exceed 6 million views. Incredible!

If you haven’t heard of the Masakaka Kids yet, you should visit their Instagram account as soon as possible to brighten your day. This group of boys has become popular thanks to the choreographies that they upload to their account with the best-known musical premieres. Theirs is not only a story of improvement, but also of joy and awareness of the situation of African children and what they do to improve themselves every day. Find out everything!

The Masaka Kids Africana Foundation aims to sponsor and provide decent living conditions for orphaned children in Uganda, did you know? African children, from the age of two onwards, who have lost their parents make up Masaka due to many factors: diseases on the continent, as well as famine or war.

According to the foundation, there are more children orphans in Uganda than anywhere else in the world. Youth sponsored by Masaka Kids Africana receive food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Thanks to all this, their living conditions improve a lot and, with effort, these problems become visible.

With all this that we tell you, what are you waiting for to go and see the latest videos of Masakaka Kids? We promise you it’s worth it.

Visit their Youtube profile and videos

Masaka Kids Afrikana

“Hi everyone! We are Masaka Kids Africana – A group of young and multi talented kids from Uganda, Masaka (East-Africa). Our motto is to ‘DANCE, RISE & SHINE’. We also support children’s education and social well being, utilizing their talents. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time.

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